Electrophysiology News

29Jun 2017

Several breakout research projects – and a few familiar faces from the cutting edge – scored funding this week through Stony Brook University’s annual biotechnology awards program. The Center for Biotechnology at SBU, an Empire State Development Division of Science, Technology and Innovation Center for Advanced Technology, has announced the recipients of the 2017-18 Applied […]

26Jun 2017

This article describes how electrophysiological techniques are used in academic research and drug discovery settings. It also considers what the future for its use may look like when we consider the emerging optical reporters of cellular excitability and imaging technologies that are currently in development. The article draws on the expertise of scientists working at […]

30Jun 2015

Tuesday, Feb. 14th 2012 Epidural cortical signals were detected with npi electronic’s differential amplifier EXT 10-2F to study the relationships between the calcium signals and the electrical activity. This configuration made it possible to record global ‘up states’ of the epidural potentials, although not the local electrical responses near the fiber. [Click here for abstract]