About Us

ALA Scientific Instruments, Inc. began as Adams and List Associates Ltd. in 1986. It was founded by Jonathan J. Adams, a holocaust survivor, and Jurgen List, a German businessman and president of List Medical and List Electronic GmbH. In the beginning, Adams and List Associates’ primary purpose was to import and market the products of List Medical and List Electronic in the U.S. In 1988, Alan Kriegstein joined Adams and List as the General Manager and a year later he obtained the title of President. In 1990, Andrew Pomerantz joined the company as Vice President. Kriegstein and Pomerantz quickly realized that for the company to grow and prosper it must develop its own product line. ALA’s first product was a system to internally perfuse patch pipettes. This was quickly followed by the DAD-12 drug application device and the TLCMI temperature control system.

The company moved to Westbury, NY in June of 1991 and a small manufacturing facility was set up. Additional products from other manufacturers were added to the product line. In 1995, Kriegstein and Pomerantz took full control of the company and changed the name to ALA Scientific Instruments, Inc. By 2009, ALA Scientific outgrew its Westbury, NY facility and moved to a new 10,000 sq. ft building in Farmingdale, NY where the company is presently located. ALA designs and manufactures many systems and devices that are used in thousands of labs all over the world. In addition to ALA’s own products, the company represents several world renowned manufacturers featuring some of the finest and most sophisticated electronic instruments used for electrophysiology and biophysics.

ALA Scientific’s goal is to help further scientific research with innovative instrumentation.