Carbon Fiber Electrodes

Voltammetry / Amperometry

  • Model: CFE-2


The Carbon Fiber Electrodes (CFE-2) from ALA are the ideal electrodes for voltammetric and amperometric studies. They are critical for identifying and determining the kinetics of released neurotransmitters. The CFE-2’s are made through parylene coating of paint which creates the highly sensitive environment for the detection of these small signals of interest.

Key features of CFE-2’s include:

    • 5μm OD carbon fibers for recording from small cells


    • Multiple re-uses due to easy re-cutting of tip


  • Slim design for use with water-immersion objectives


Carbon Fiber Electrodes (CFE-2) from ALA are safe and durable. Each tip is left extra long so that you can decide how short to cut it. Each tip can be cut back at least ten times. Each cut reveals a fresh 5μm OD carbon disk that is clean and ready for the next ReDox. The glass outer coating of the electrode body provides a strong mechanical support that is resistant to movement from temperature fluctuations. Other electrodes insulated with plastics can drift as temperatures change. In addition, glass does not absorb water, a factor that can induce noise, as much as polypropylene does. Each CFE-2 is also insulated with Sylgard, just like a patch electrode, to provide lower noise.

Coating of the CFE-2’s is done with Parylene. We can also fabricate carbon fiber electrodes with your own carbon fibers – please call or email to inquire.

* Schulte. A., & Chow, R. Analytical Chemistry 1996, 68, 3054-3058


    CFE-2 Carbon Fiber Electrodes Literature


    CFE-H-AXU: CFE Electrode Holder for Axon amplifiers

    CFE-H-BNC: CFE Electrode Holder for amplifiers with BNC connectors


    Part# Description
    ALA CFE-2
    Carbon Fiber Electrodes – pack of 10 – 5μm OD fibers
    CFE-2 Electrode Holder for Axon amplifiers
    CFE-2 Electrode Holder for amplifiers with BNC connectors