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Wireless Control Motorised Micromanipulator for Electrophysiology

The CleverArm motorised micromanipulator is built to highest standards for patch clampers who need absolute reliability, stability and precision.

Step towards a simpler, wireless setup

The reliable stepper motors are driven by electronics mounted on the manipulator body, with a single power cable powering the card. The drive card receives commands from the CleverControl cuboid and the PC software via Wi-Fi signal.

Different frequency settings can be selected to coordinate different MCI devices in the lab. Cables are therefore kept to a minimum, which reduces the chances of electrical noise being picked by the typical bird’s nest of cables around the setup. Opting for the wireless solution also solves the problem of cables exerting a pulling force on the manipulator, often a cause of electrode drift.

Core Characteristics – Wireless Control Motorised Micromanipulator

The starting point for developing this manipulator technology was to meet and exceed the basic micromanipulator requirements for the electrophysiologist –

Stability – less than 1 um drift per hour. Each individual manipulator is tested in our laboratory and won’t be shipped before meeting this criterium. A recording of this drift test will be included as a “birth certificate” when the CleverArm arrives in your lab. This is done under typical experimental conditions, so you can trust this specification to be real, and not a theoretical value, as is the case with some other brands.

Electrical Noise – The Wi-Fi signal emits a frequency outside the range of interest to the neuroscientist. These manipulators can be used for recording the smallest of signals without noise issues.

Reliable Stepper Motor Technology – Our stepper motors offer smooth movement (smoothness of 20nm – minimum step size of 100nm) and reliability that allows us to confidently offer our excellent 3-year warranty.

Modular – The modularity of the system allows for flexible positioning of the manipulator next to your rig. It also means  you can switch between left and right handedness easily.

Virtual Diagonal Axis – an angular detector senses the angle of the electrode-mounting plate. The electrode can be moved at this angle when the Diagonal Axis function is activated.

Control Interface

The CleverControl Cuboid User Interface

The CleverControl Cuboid has three ergonomically positioned control wheels for controlling the manipulator stages. The Cuboid also allows access to many more complex manipulator functions through the intuitive software. Six click-buttons are positioned next to the LCD screen to control the manipulator functionality through different screen directories.  This allows the user to customise manipulator movement variables and offers extra functionality, like setting user preferences, memory positions and protocols.

CleverControl Cuboid

Ergonomy and flexibility are key here – control wheels for moving device motors are positioned at ergonomic angles, and the buttons are easy to access.

The button-functionality change depending on the functions displayed on the screen, which gives the user an eight-button user interface, but effectively unlimited functionality from these buttons.

The colour display screen shows device coordinates, offers additional device functionality and enables the user to customize device properties. This customization can be linked to user or experiment requirements and saved under different user identities. Click here for more information about the Cuboid

The cuboid offers a simple way of switching from a left- to a right-handed configuration, which can be done within seconds.

CleverControl PC Software

The CleverControl PC software offers the same functionality as the Cuboid software, and more. We have more freedom with space, the positioning and amount of control buttons on the GUI, and also to provide regular updates.


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