Closed Perfusion Chamber for Imaging

  • Model: MS-CPC


The Closed Perfusion Chamber (MS-CPC) from ALA is designed for perfusion of cells cultured on coverslips during imaging experiments. The closed design enables control of solution application under sterile conditions.

The Closed Perfusion Chamber is designed for use in cell biochemistry, physiology, biophysics and imaging research. The MS-CPC holds a sample of living cellular material on a glass coverslip forming a sealed chamber with a second glass coverslip (cells are either cultured on the glass, or deposited there prior to closure of the chamber). The two coverslips are separated by an o-ring made from an elastomeric material. When the chamber is closed, the o-ring separates the two pieces of glass and defines the actual “space” of the chamber.

  • * npi TEC-03X High performance two-electrode voltage clamp amplifier with model cell
  • * ALA VC3-4PG 4 channel gravity fed perfusion system
  • * 2 x MM-33 mechanical manipulators
  • * ALA’s small volume Xenoplace™ Recording Chamber with built-in reference electrodes 
  • * Set of electrode holders, current headstage adapter, and model cell
  • * Binocular microscope with boom stand. 


The o-ring is perforated in several places enabling a tube to be inserted through one perforation to provide an inlet for perfusion. The fluid moves out of the space defined by the o-ring and the two coverslips through other perforations in the o-ring. Perforations are made with a pointy object such as a needle. The effluent can either flow out through another tube passed through the o-ring, or seep out through the holes in the o-ring. The effluent that emerges from the o-ring is collected in the space surrounding the o-ring but within the confines of the nest and the top ring. The effluent can be removed from this space with a small suction tube.


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Part # Description
XENOPLACE Complete Oocyte Voltage Clamp Recording System inc: XenoRecord, TEC-03X, VC3-4PG, Zoom645T-Boom, model cell
XENOCHAMB XenoPlace recording chamber only with plastic base and pellets
XENORECORD XenoPlace recording chamber with Al base and 2 mechanical manipulators
Xenorecord-w/o-MM XenoPlace recording chamber with Al base w/o 2 mechanical MM-33 manipulators
XENOBASE XenoPlace Al base