CMOS-MEA-Control is the acquisition software for the CMOS-MEA-5000 system that is complemented by the analysis module CMOS-MEA-Tools. Stimulation, recording and electrode selection are controlled from within one software module. The software package is specifically designed to handle the huge data volumes generated by the high resolution CMOS recording system. The raw data is visualized in an intuitive way to guide the user to the most interesting aspects of the experiment.

Features include:

  • Visualization of activity as false color maps.
  • Raw data display available for any channel on line.
  • Control of stimulation sites, stimulation patterns, recording parameters and experimental design from within one software.
  • Three independent stimulators.
  • Automatic and channel specific spike detection.
  • Additional analog and digital in- and outputs.
  • Timer controlled recording.
  • Spike extraction as HDF5 or ASCII
  • Temporal and spatial filters
  • STA (spike triggered average) movies

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Since watching raw data from over 4000 channels is impossible, processed data for each sensor pixel is shown in time bins as false color map. Display options are spike count, min/max amplitude or average amplitude. Based on this information, the user can then watch the raw data from selected channels. Spikes are detected online on all channels by an individual threshold based on the SD of the noise.

Stimulation Control:

Select stimulation sites by mouse on an overlay of the activity plot. Stimulation parameters for three independent stimulators are easily programmed with a drag and drop interface.

Recording Control:

Data recording can be controlled manually, by a timer, or by externally generated TTL pulses, which can be applied via the digital inputs of the CMOS System. Monitoring of computer performance and hard drive space is integrated in the CMOS-MEA-Control software.

Off Line Data Analysis

The analysis tool CMOS-MEA-Tools can be installed on as many computer as needed with no extra cost. A spatial and temporal overview of detected spikes in a recorded file is generated, which allows the user to load an interesting data fragment for closer analysis. Data can be processed through temporal and/or spatial filters, and detected spikes can be directly exported as time stamp and/or waveforms in ASCII or HDF5 format. Movies of spike triggered averaged data can be generated to bring out small signals from the noise (see here).



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Software Download: