The Flashboard™ is designed to provide a linear scalable light for optical stimulation of small animals for neuroscience research. The boards are set up within the viewing angle of the animal. They can be activated via TTL signal and driven by Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) or analog voltage at 0-3 Volts. Each light source is a panel of LEDs of the same wavelength. Light passes through a translucent lens to homogenize the light.


  • One Master can control up to 2 Clients
  • Analog or TTL control
  • White Light wavelength LEDs


Flashboard light patternThe system is easy to set up.  Optional mounting brackets and magnetic stands are available to mount the flashboards.  When using the PWM input, signals can be generated by a generator or a sound card.   PWM signals provide a linear increment for brightness.  Brightness can be measured with a light meter.

Flashboard rear panel


Master 82 x 66 x 29mm 210g
Client 82 x 66 x 16mm 90g
Input power 12V DC 1.5A (To the master to run three panels)
Mounting When ALA ½ inch mounting block is not supplied, use 4-40 thread for Client, 6-32 thread for Master


Flashboard prospectus

Flashboard Manual


ALA-Flash-C-01 LED Flashboard Client without Mounting
ALA-Flash-M-01 Flashboard Master without Mounting