Tri Temp, Bipolar Temperature Controller


The Tri Temp temperature controller was specifically designed for the demanding needs of the laboratory.  Specifically built for use in electrophysiology (low noise) and imaging, it has features that make it a must for all types of labs where precision control of heated and/or cooled small devices are necessary for experimental design and for keeping live tissue viable. The Tri Temp temperature controller is a 2 ½ channel bipolar controller.  It is capable of controlling Peltier devices for cooling applications, as well as resistive heating devices.  The system has two controlling channels with built-in temperature feedback for automatic control, and an additional power supply channel for powering a third device without temperature feedback.

Key features of the Tri Temp:

  • Heating/Cooling with one controller
  • Two control channels with feedback
  • One adjustable power supply channel
  • Automatic power sharing between channels
  • Input/output external control functions
  • Built-in temperature switchover for safety


HCT-30 setupThe Tri-Temp is a heating and/or heating/cooling temperature controller.  Therefore Peltier devices, like ALA’s HCMIS and HCPC can be directly connected.  Also heating devices, like ALA’s HCS, HPC’s, Objective heater, and mouse pad, can also be directly connected and controlled.  Users can connect their own devices as well.  The system has 3 temperature control modes, 3 speed of response modes, and voltage output control mode.

The three temperature control modes are:

  • Heat mode – for use with resistive heating devices such as ALA Scientific’s In-line heaters (HPC’s), objective heater (OBJHEATER), or stage heater (HCS)
  • Cool mode – for use with Peltier devices when cooling is only the desired result. For use with ALA Scientific’s heating cooling perfusion cube (HCPC) and heating cooling microincubator stage (HCMIS).
  • Heat/Cool mode – for use with Peltier devices when active heating and cooling is desired when commanding a thermal cycle above and below room temperature. For use with ALA Scientific’s heating cooling perfusion cube (HCPC) and heating cooling microincubator stage (HCMIS).

The Speed mode affects how fast the desired temperature will be reached by modifying the PiD control loop.  There is also a Voltage mode that sets the maximum amount of voltage that will be applied to a connected device.

The non feedback channel is an adjustable power supply that can provide a constant voltage to a resistive device without temperature feedback.  It is a very useful channel when the other channels are being used to control feedback device and a third channel is needed to just heat up another device like an objective heater.

The Tri Temp features an industry exclusive ACM mode (Automatic Control Mode) that senses when a more than 7 degree temperature difference occurs at the sensor that is in the prep verses the control point in the heated/cooled device.  Control is automatically switched to the sensor in the device until the problem that caused the offset, such as the sensor falling out of the bath, can be corrected, thus saving the tissue from damage due to overheating.


Maximum Output Voltage per channel 12 VDC
Maximum Output Current per channel 2.0 A
Minimum Load Resistance 2.0 Ω
Manual Voltage Range 2 to 12 VDC
Maximum Output Power 24 W @ 10 ohm load
Universal AC adapter Input 100 – 240 VAC 50/60 Hz

Output 15 VDC @ 6.0 A max output

Power Fuse (5 x 20 mm) 6 A Slow Blow 250V
Sensor Type 2252 ohm Thermistor
Front Panel Input/output Chan 1&2 Sensor A – Thermistor (2252) DIN

Chan 1&2 Sensor B (Input) – Thermistor (2252) 2mm mono jack

Chan 1&2 Command Input – BNC 10mV/°C

Chan 1&2 Output A- BNC 10mV/°C

Chan 1&2 Output B- BNC 10mV/°C

Chan 1&2 EXT SENSOR (input) – BNC 1mV/°C

Chan 3 power output-4mm Banana, 0-12V DC

Temperature Range 0°C to 65°C
Enclosure (W x H x D) 48.5 x 9.0 x 28 cm (19 x 3.5 x 11 in)
Enclosure Weight 6 Lbs.


 HCT-30 Manual

 HCT-30 Prospectus


HCT-30:  Tri Temp 2 ½ channel bipolar temperature controller