Micro Incubation Stage


The Heating and Cooling Microincubation Stage (HCMIS) from ALA is a microscope-mountable temperature control device for electrophysiology and imaging preparations. The HCMIS not only heats or cools the base of the chamber or petri dish, but can alter the CO2 / O2 mixture around preparations to control the pH level. Options for the HCMIS include magnetic mounting plate (HCMIS-MAGP).

Shown: HCMIS with optional HCMIS-MAGP.

Key features of the HCMIS include:

  • Accommodation of any MS Chamber or a 35mm Petri dish
  • Base compatibility with most microscope stages and platforms – no adapter plates needed
  • In-line temperature control of perfusate
  • Minimal mechanical noise due to low profile and built-in water cooling ports
  • Easy pipette access from any side
  • Anodized aluminum construction for stability in imaging and patch clamping
  • Fast temperature feedback from built-in thermistor
  • Gas ports for oxygenation and/or pH control of preparation
  • Compatible with ALA HCT-10 and npi PTC/TC temperature controllers.


The HCMIS is designed to provide accurate temperature control in the 0-45oC temperature range. The uniform heating and cooling of the unit is powered by two Peltier (thermo-electric) devices. Peltier devices use flowing current to drive heat to one side of an electrified field of dissimilar metals. Thus the Peltier elements create one hot side and one cold side when DC current is applied. Reversing the current changes which side is hot and which side is cold.

In the HCMIS, one side of the Peltiers contacts the specimen holder and the other side a heat exchanger. When the HCMIS is used for cooling, a small flow of water is introduced to remove heat from the system. Setting up a variety of perfusion and non-perfusion experiments is easy – simply place a chamber in the HCMIS, insert a thermistor, and begin. A convenient pre-heater/cooler is built into the HCMIS body for perfusing the chamber.


The HCMIS can fit ditrectly onto a number of microscope stages, including Nikon TESR stages, Olympus IX stages with 110mm openings, Zeiss frame K stages, Exfo Gibraltar stages,
Narishige ITS stages, and Scientifica platforms. Please call or email to inquire about other compatible stages, as well as custom adaptor plates.

Weight 375g
Dimensions 127mm L x 116mmW x 16mm H
Connector 8-pin DIN
Perfusion tubing type 2.4mm ID x 3.8mm OD PTFE
Recommended flow rates for perfusion tubing 0 – 2mL/min
Recommended minimum flow rate for heat sink 300mL/min
Max output 14.4V / 3.7A
Max temperature 55°C
Min temperature 0°C
Typical temperature speeds 25oC to 15oC – 2 min
25oC to 37oC – 1 min


 HCMIS Manual


  • ALA TS-1: Standard thermistor sensor
  • ALA TS-2: Miniature thermistor sensor
  • NPI TC-10: Single channel heating-only temperature controller
  • NPI TC-20: Dual channel heating-only temperature controller
  • NPI PTC-10: Single channel bipolar Peltier temperature controller
  • NPI PTC-20: Dual channel bipolar Peltier temperature controller
  • ALA COOLIT: Heat sink for heating and cooling devices
  • TC-10: Single channel heat only analog temperature controllers
  • TC-20: Dual channel heat only analog temperature controllers
  • PTC-10: Singlechannel bipolar analog temperature controllers
  • PTC-20: Dual channel bipolar analog temperature controllers


Part# Description
Peltier Heating and Cooling MicroIncubator Stage for MS Chambers or 35mm Petri Dish
Magnetic mounting plate for HCMIS