Heating/Cooling Perfusion Cube

  • Model: HCPC – Heating/Cooling Perfusion Cube


The Heating and Cooling Perfusion Cube (HCPC) from ALA is a compact, low-volume in-line heating and cooling device made of ceramic coated aluminum. This allows direct contact with flowing solution for optimal temperature control. The HCPC is ideal for use on a microscope stage, with its optional magnetic stand (MMT-HCPC), which can easily be mounted onto the MS-Stage.

Shown: HCPC with optional MMT-HCPC.

Key Features of the HCPC include:

    • Small footprint


    • Flow rates up to 5ml/min


    • Adjustable internal volume from 100 to 200 μl


    • Built-in temperature sensor


    • Ceramic coated internal surface


    • Polyimide output tip


    • Temperature changes at 1oC per second


  • Compatiblility with npi electronic temperature controllers


Weight 90g with cable
Dimensions 16mm x 20mm x 67 mm
Cable length 1.2m
Connector 8-pin DIN
Thermistor 2252 Ohms at 25°C
Max Power 21W
Resistor 10 Ohms
Max output 7V / 3A
Max temperature 75°C
Min temperature 0°C
Volume ~200ul, adjustable to 100ul
Flow rate Max ~5ml/min at 1m height gravity feed, adjustable down to 0.5ml/min


HCPC Heating and Cooling Perfusion Cube Manual

 HCPC Heating and Cooling Perfusion Cube Product Literature


  • ALA COOLIT: Heat sink for heating and cooling devices.


Part# Description
Heating and Cooling Perfusion Cube with DIN cable
Optional magnetic stand for HCPC