Budget Friendly



  • 2 external power supply options:
    line: (input 90 V … 240 V AC)
    battery: ±40 V up to ±100 V (user selectable)
  • 2 pulse modes:
    direct input: TTL duration = pulse duration (with bipolar option)
    trigger input: pulse duration set by internal timer (10 μs … 10 ms)
  • Amplitude set by ten-turn potentiometer
  • Voltage or current output
    max. 100 V / 10 mA
    unipolar or bipolar
  • Adjustable InterPhase Gap (IPG)*
  • Complexer timing with TMR-01B

*Cappaert NLM, Ramekers D, Martens HCF, and Wytse J. Wadman
Int. J. Neur. Syst. 23, 1250031 (2013)
Effiacy of a new charge-balanced biphasic electrical stimulus in the isolated sciatic nerve and the hippocampal slice.


Part No. Description
EXB-EXT-02B EXT-02B Two Channel Low-cost Extracellular Amplifier (master version)
EXB-EXT-02BS EXT-02B Two Channel Low-cost Extracellular Amplifier (slave version)
EXB-HS Standard Headstage for EXT-2B Amplifier
EXB-AUDIS-08B AUD-08B Audio Monitor System for EXT-02B
EXB-RES-08B REL-08B Electrode Resistance Meter for EXT-02B
TMR-01B TMR-01B Low-cost Digital Timer Unit (desktop)
ISO-01B ISO-STIM-01B Low-cost Isolated Stimulator Unit (desktop)
ISO-01B-ACCU Battery Pack
ISO-01B-CHAR Charger for Battery Pack
ISO-01B-PWR Power Supply for ISO-01B

Technical Data

Input resistance:
2 kΩ

monopolar or bipolar, selected by toggle switch

Output voltage:
±100 V max., isolated

Output current:
±10 mA max., isolated

IPG (interphase gap):
50 … 500 µs

Charging current:
25 mA/cell (normal)
50 mA/cell (fast)

Charging time from empty to fully charged:
12 h (normal)
6 h (fast)

Capacity battery pack:
500 mAh (low voltage part)
250 mAh (high voltage part)

Power requirements:
100 … 240 V, AC, only use supplied charger, battery pack or power supply

Battery Charger: 1.25 A, slow
Power Supply: 1.25 A, slow

ISO-STIM 01B: 246 x 188 x 89 mm³ (W x D x H)
Battery Pack: 246 x 188 x 89 mm³ (W x D x H)
Battery Charger: 103 x 169 x 59 mm³ (W x D x H)
Power Supply: 103 x 169 x 59 mm³ (W x D x H)


EXT-02B Manual
TMR-01B Manual
AUD-08B Manual
ISO-01B Manual
REL-08B Manual

B-Series Brochure 
TMR/ISO Brochure