MEAs for MEA2100-HS120


MEAs with 120 electrodes for the MEA2100-System

One of the main advantages of the MEA2100-System is its flexibility. Because it is available with various contact units, you can choose to operate it with MEAs with 120 electrodes. They are arranged in a 12×12 grid, sparing 6 electrodes in each corner. Every single electrode is selectable for stimulation via the included software. Only click on the respective electrode and it will be used for stimulation.
Currently, 120MEAs are available as standard glass as well as perforated microelectrode arrays. Other configurations are under development. Please contact us if you need a custom layout.

For possible ring options and cleaning instructions click the downloads tab.

MEAs for MEA2100‑HS120 MEA type
MEA layout standard perforated MEAs for use with perfusion element (PE)
12×12 120MEA30/10iR-ITO
120MEA100/30iR-ITO 120pMEA100/30iR-Ti
120MEA200/30iR-Ti 120pMEA200/30iR-Ti