Multiple functions for making different kinds of microtools.

The MF-900 microforge offers a wide range of functions such as cutting, bending, fire-polishing, and forming a spike for making many different kinds of microtools by processing pipette tips. An easy-to-use manipulator is provided for operating the heater and pipette, and the microscope is operated three-dimensionally with control close to the operator’s hand. Separate rotation mechanisms for vertical and horizontal movement allow the pipette to be approached at any angle, while a special device in the heater section can form it into any required shape. As well as conventional scales, a protractor to measure angles is provided on the microscope eyepiece. With the heater turned ON/OFF via a foot switch, and the heater section integrated into the microscope body, all control actions are performed easily and precisely close to the operator’s hand.


Accessories included Foot Switch
Power Cord
Dedicated Pipette Holder
Hex Wrench
Spare Heater
Spare Lamp
Silicone Rubber Gasket
Movement range Heater manipulator X14mm, Y14mm, Z14mm
Pipette manipulator X12mm, Z28mm
Microscope X approx. 7mm, Y30mm, Z approx. 8mm
Magnifications 50×/100× (Eyepiece 10×, Objective Lenses 5×, 10×)
Glass capillary ø1mm
Working voltage AC100V, 50/60Hz
AC120V, 50/60Hz
AC220V, 50/60Hz
AC240V, 50/60Hz
Power consumption Approx. 35W
Dimensions/Weight W200 × D350 × H300mm, 6.1kg
  • This dedicated pipette holder is for the glass tube ø1mm. For a glass tube ø1.2mm / ø1.5mm, please contact your local NARISHIGE representative.
  • If the process of cutting the pipette with a spike or fire-polishing with a patch clamp, the MF-OP optional lens set is required for higher magnification.

Optional Accessories

Model Product Description
MF-OP Optional Lens 35× Objective Lens
15× Eyepiece with Micrometer
15× Eyepiece without Micrometer
MF-OPA Optional Lens 35× Objective Lens
MF-OPB Optional Lens 15× Eyepiece without Micrometer
MF-OPC Optional Lens 15× Eyepiece with Micrometer


Model Product Description
PT-B Platinum Wire Heater 150µm × 300mm
HI01PK01 Silicone Rubber Gasket For 2.5mm (10pcs)
MF-900L3 Lamp  

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