CoolLED pE-Series



The system has been developed for applications requiring a single LED excitation wavelength.  It is perfect for clinical applications such as routine screening (e.g. using Auramine for Tuberculosis), for research applications requiring precise intensity control and fast-switching, or for electrophysiology applications where light has to be delivered to a specific location.  The user can select from 20 different LED wavelengths, ranging from the near-UV at 365nm to the near-IR at 770nm.  The system comprises a pE-100 LED Light Source, control pod, and power supply.

CoolLED LED Wavelength Graph

There are three standard pE-100 configuration options:

Direct-fit (pE-100) for connecting to a microscope by selecting from a range of microscope adaptors  which covers all current and most older models.  A simple once only adjustment will allow optimisation to the optical path of the microscope.

Liquid Light Guide (pE-100light guide) with a fixed 3mm diameter, liquid light guide

Fiber (pE-100fiber) with an SMA connection for accepting multimode fibers.  The pE-100fiber has been designed with efficient coupling into a wide range of multimode fibers.  The pE-100fiber also includes excitation filter holders.

Combining pE-100s:

Direct fit configuration pE-100 units can be combined using the pE-Combiner for applications requiring a second LED wavelength with independent control and triggering.

Liquid light guide or multimode fiber using a fixed two wavelength configuration can be specified.  Two pE-100 Light Sources are combined, providing independent control and triggering.


The pE-100 offers:-

  • Broadest LED spectrum available: 365-770nm – replaces metal halide or mercury
  • Compatible with existing single and multi-band filter sets – no need to buy new filters
  • Instant on/off  – no shutters required, no warm up or cool down
  • Simple to fit, simple to use – no alignment, a once only adjustment
  • Stable & repeatable – reliable and consistent results
  • Wide range of microscope adaptors – fits most microscopes
  • Precise intensity control in 1% steps (0-100%) – no ND filters required
  • Excellent uniformity over field of view – fixed and stable, no alignment necessary
  • Long lifetime – expected to exceed 25,000 hours of operating time


Power requirements
100-240V a.c. 50/60Hz, 1.5A

Power consumption
2.2W (standby)
25W (full intensity)

pE-100 Light Source (direct fit): 60mm(w) x 170mm(d) x 70mm(h) – Weight 0.42kg
pE-100light guide Light Source: 52mm(w) x 95mm(d) x 52mm(h) – Weight 0.42kg
pE-100fiber Light Source: 76mm(w) x 165mm(d) x 80mm(h) – Weight 0.42kg
Combined 2 x pE-100fiber:  190mm(w) x 220mm(d) x 190mm (h) – Weight 1.5kg
pE-100 Control Pod: 102mm(w) x 110mm(d) x 50mm(h) – Weight 0.55kg
pE-100 Power Supply: 55mm(w) x 95mm(d) x 40mm(h) – Weight 0.19kg

Environment & Safety
LED products are more sustainable and energy efficient than conventional illuminators. CoolLED’s products have the following benefits:

  • Mercury-free
  • Energy Efficient: 80% less power
  • Long lifetime (25,000 operating hours)
  • No bulb replacements
  • Reduced risk of eye damage
  • Quiet operation
  • No special disposal regulations

System = 12 months, LEDs = 36 months


Control pod for operation and access to settings and usage history.

Manual control for instant on/off and intensity control in 1% steps from 0 – 100%

Via single TTL for on/off control using a BNC connection on the control pod.  Triggering speed <20us


244-87-XXX-YYY-ZZ: pE-100 direct fit Light Source, fixed collimating adaptor to customer-specified microscope, remote manual control pod, and power supply
244-87-XXX-L15-ZZ: pE-100light guide Light Source with fixed 3mm diameter, 1.5m long liquid light guide, remote manual control pod, and power supply
pE-100-F-XXX-ZZ: pE-100fiber Light Source, remote manual control pod, SMA fiber connection, and power supply (no fiber provided)
pE-100-F-XXX-XXX-ZZ: Combination of two pE-100fiber Light Sources, remote manual control pod, SMA fiber connection, and power supply. Accepts 25mm diameter excitation filters (fiber and filters not provided)


Direct-fit to a microscope
Specify a microscope adaptor from CoolLED’s range of epi-fluorescent or transmitted port microscope adaptors

Liquid Light Guide
1.5m long, 3mm diameter liquid light guide.

Multimode Fiber
SMA fitting on the pE-100fiber unit
Specify length, numerical aperture (NA), and diameter of fiber
Specify termination (e.g. SMA or cleaved end)


CoolLED pE-100 leaflet

CoolLED pE-100 Configuration diagram

CoolLED pE-100Light Guide leaflet

CoolLED pE-100Fiber leaflet

CoolLED pE-100 & Combiner Configuration diagram