SEC Family



  • Four modes of operation by default
    • Bridge mode (BR)
    • Current Clamp mode (CC)
    • Voltage Clamp mode (VC)
    • Electrode resistance test mode (REL)
  • Three additional modes optional
    • Voltage Clamp controlled Current Clamp mode (VCcCC)
      Allows Current Clamp experiments at controlled resting potentials
    • Dynamic Hybrid Clamp mode (DHC)
      Allows precise measurement of conductances after action potentials
    • Linear (unswitched) mode (LIN), optional with series resistance compensation
      x1: Allows low-noise recordings of small currents, and approaching the cell and seal formation in VC mode
      x10: Provides 10 times more current in CC and 10 times more voltage in VC mode for non-invasive (juxtacellular) filling of cells
  • Complete compensation of electrode artifacts allowing high (>30 kHz) switching frequencies
  • No series resistance errors
  • Perfect for recording also from coupled cells with two synchronized SEC amplifers (SEC-SYNC)
  • Recordings with sharp microelectrodes or patch pipettes
  • True current clamp in switched and bridge mode
  • Fast switched voltage clamp with proportional-integral (PI) controller
  • Versatile and configurable penetration unit
  • BESSEL filters for current and voltage (16 corner frequencies)
  • Monitors for filters and current output sensitivity

Also available as module for the EPMS-07 System.


Filters: two-pole BESSEL
optional: four-pole BESSEL in SEC-05X-BF
always four-pole BESSEL
MODE OF OPERATION: selected by rotary switch;
selection with TTL possible for VC and CC and/or CC and DHC,
controls for VCcCC and DHC mode preinstalled
VC, CC, Br and REL selected by pushbuttons;
selection with TTL possible for all modes of operation;
controls for VCcCC and DHC mode not preinstalled
PENETRATION MODES: Application of max. continuous DC current;
overcompensation of capacity compensation controlled by a timer
all of SEC-05X,
Application of DC pulses with variable frequency and amplitude
Gated stimulus application not installed;
can be upgraded with GIA-05X unit
gated step size set by digital potentiometers (CC and VC)


Part No. Description
SEC-DUAL-10 System for Double Cell Voltage Clamp Recordings (2x SEC-10LX)
SEC-H High Voltage Modification of SEC System (surplus)
SEC-10LX SEC-10LX System
SEC-HS SEC-HS Standard Headstage
SEC-EXT SEC-EXT Headstage for extracellular recordings
SEC-HSD SEC-HSD Headstage with differential input
SEC-HSP SEC-HSP Low-noise Headstage
SEC-MINI-SE SEC-MINI Headstage standard cable 2,5m, D=2.3mm, 12x10mm w/ Housing
SEC-MINI-C Standard Cable Extension (max. 6m)
SEC-MINI-SC Special Cable for MINI-Headstage, high flexibility, 6-11 lines, 2.5m
SEC-MINI-SCE Special Cable Extension for MINI-Headstage, high flexibility, 6-11 lines, max. 6m
SEC-SLOW VCcCC Modification of SEC System, Surplus
SEC-LIN SEC with Linear Mode, (CC/VC x1, CC/VC x10 modes), Surplus
SEC-LIN-RS SEC with Linear Mode, (CC/VC x1, CC/VC x10 modes) and Series Res. Comp., Surplus
SEC-DHC Dynamic Hybrid Clamp (DHC) Modification of SEC System, Surplus
SEC-EH Standard Micro-/Patch Electrode Holder
SEC-EH-SET Electrode Holder Set for SEC Amplifiers
SEC-MODA Cell Model w/ Active Memb.Res.
SEC-MOD SEC Cell Model Circuit
SEC-MOD-D Dual SEC Cell Model Circuit
SEC-PRS Remote Control f. PENETRATION unit
SEC-CON SMB Cable for SEC Headstage

Technical Data

R : Electrode resistance test EL
BR: Bridge mode
CC: Current Clamp mode
VC: Voltage Clamp Mode
DHC: Dynamic Hybrid Clamp mode (option)
VCcCC: Voltage Clamp controlled
Current Clamp mode (option)
LIN: Linear mode (x1 and x10)
LIN: Linear mode with series resistance compensation
Mode selection:
rotary switch with six positions (SEC 05X)
four pushbuttons (SEC 10LX)
rotary switch with five positions (SEC 03)
Linear mode with switch

Standard headstage(SH), low-noise Headstages(HSP)
operation voltage: ±15 V
size: 100x40x25mm, HSP: 77x37x20mm
headstage enclosure connected to ground
electrode connector: gold plated SMB (SH)
BNC connector (HSP), both with driven shield
ground: 2.6 mm connector or headstage enclosure
13 input resistance: >10 Ohms
current range (continuous mode):
150 nA (SH); 15 nA into 100 MOhms (HSP)
CC control: Coarse control for cap. comp.
holding bar (SH): diameter 8 mm, length 10 cm
mounting plate (HSP headstage) 60×50 mm
EXT headstage: 1 mm connectors,
differential high impedance input, gain of ten
cap. comp. for the non-inverting input
high pass filter with six corner frequencies
(1; 3; 10; 30; 100; 300 Hz)

Full power bandwidth (Re=0): >100 kHz
rise time (10-90%, Re = 100 MOhms) rise time (10-90%, Re = 5 MOhms) Electrode artifact decay (switched modes
10 nA signal) 50 kHz; display: XX.XX kHz.
duty cycles: 1/2, 1/4, 1/8
selected by toggle switch.
SEC-03: fixed 1/4 duty cycle

1/8 – 15 nA; 1/4 – 30 nA, 1/2 – 60 nA
(standard 15 V headstage)
1/8 – 1.5 nA; 1/4 – 3 nA, 1/2 – 6 nA
(low noise headstage)

Electrode potential: max. ±15 V,
output impedance 250 Ohms.
switching frequency: TTL (5 V),
output impedance 250 Ohms.

Sensitivity: 0.1…10 V/nA in 1-2-5 steps
with lowpass Bessel filter
output impedance 250 Ohms
sensitivity monitor: 1…7 V, 1V/switch position
output impedance 250 Ohms
current display: X.XX nA
SEC-03: fix 0.1V/nA

Sensitivity x10 mV, with lowpass Bessel filter
output impedance 250 Ohms
potential display: XXX mV

Pitch correlated with potential signal

SEC-05: two-pole (standard version) or
four-pole lowpass Bessel filters (SEC-05X-BF) with
16 corner frequencies, 20 Hz – 20 kHz
frequency monitor: -8…+7 V, 1 V/switch position
output impedance 250 Ohms.
SEC-10: four-pole lowpass Bessel filter with
16 corner frequencies, 20 Hz – 20 kHz
output impedance 250 Ohms.
SEC-03: unfiltered or 5 kHz, internally adjustable

Inputs: 1 nA/V, 0.1 nA/V with ON/OFF switches
SEC-03: 1 nA/V
input resistance >100 kOhms
hold: X.XX nA ten-turn digital control, -/0/+ switch
max. 10 nA.
Gated input (SEC-10 systems only): X.XX nA
with +/0/- switch, TTL input (HI >2.5 V, input
resistance 10 kOhm).
BRIDGE balance: XXX MOhms with
ten-turn digital control.
noise (BRIDGE MODE): 400μV pp / pA pp
with 100 MOhms resistance at 10 kHz bandwidth
(internal four-pole Bessel filters)
Inputs: 10 mV or 40 mV
SEC-03: 10mV
input resistance >100 kOhms
hold: XXX mV, ten-turn digital control
with +/0/- switch, max. 1000 mV
rise time limit: 0-2 ms (SEC-05 / SEC-10 only)
gain: 100 nA/V – 10 μA/V ten-turn linear control
noise (filters set to 10 kHz, SEC-05 / SEC-10)
Potential output: current output:

1 % settling time: (Re= 100 MOhms, Rm= 50 MOhms, Cm= 470 pF
duty cycle = 1/4, switching frequency = 30 kHz
standard headstage)

SEC-05 / SEC-10 systems:
19″ (483 mm) wide
14″ (355 mm) deep
5.25″ (132.5 mm) high,
SEC-03 (two slots):
24 HP (121 mm) x 3U (128 mm) x 7 inch (175 mm)


SEC-05X Manual
SEC-10LX Manual

SEC Cell Model Manual
SEC-Dual Standart Cell Model Manual
SEC-Dual Low Noise Cell Model Manual

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