Xenoplace Workstation – Complete Traditional System for Oocytes

  • Model: Xenoplace


The ALA Xenoplace™ Workstation is an affordable and compact two-electrode voltage clamp system built around high-end components that work well as a system. It’s available as a discounted package and can be configured for specialized applications.


The ALA XenoplaceTM Workstation consists of the following:

  • npi TEC-03X-CW high performance two-electrode voltage clamp amplifier with CellWorks interface.
  • npi CellWorks data acquisition hardware and software.
  • ALA VM-4PG 4 channel gravity fed perfusion system controlled by CellWorks software.
  • 2 x MM-33T mechanical manipulators.
  • ALA’s small volume XenoplaceTM Recording Chamber with built-in reference electrodes+.
  • Set of electrode holders, current headstage adapter, and model cell.
  • Steel mounting plate.


  • PPH-0P-BNC: BNC type electrode holder with no side port for use with voltage and current headstages – specifiy glass size



 Xenoplace Workstation manual

 Xenoplace Workstation Product Literature


Part# Description
ALA XenoPlace Complete Oocyte Voltage Clamp Recording System
ALA XenoChamber XenoPlace recording chamber only with plastic base and pellets
ALA XenoRecord XenoPlace recording chamber with powder-coated aluminum base and 2 mechanical manipulators
ALA XenoBase XenoPlace powder-coated aluminum base