Manipulator Set



Simple yet sophisticated design for outstanding versatility.

This micromanipulator set combines three-dimensional coarse movement with one-dimensional fine movement and is suitable for many different applications. This fine movement unit has an independent angle adjustment mechanism and provides fine movement in the same direction as the holder without having to tilt the three-dimensional coarse movement unit. Inclusion of a rotation mechanism makes it easy to exchange pipettes. Employment of the ø10mm bar mount system provides complete installation flexibility and greatly broadens the range of possible applications.

Product Configuration

YOU-1 is comprised of the following four products.

  • UM-3C: Manipulator
  • UM-1PF: Micromanipulator
  • UP-1: Pipette Holder
  • GJ-1: Magnetic Stand


Movement Range Coarse X/Y/Z Each20mm
Fine 20mm
Full rotation of knob 250µm
  With Rotation Mechanism
Dimensions/Weight W200 × D230 × H250mm, 1.75kg