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Increase efficiency and lower the cost of patch pipette production by using ALA’s CPM-2 Coating and Polishing Microforge. The CPM-2 is designed to be a complete system for processing pulled patch pipettes. It is available as a kit that mounts on a microscope or as a complete system with an inverted microscope.

Key Features of the CPM-2 include:

  • Convenient control of heat timing with foot-pedal switch
  • Heating and air pressure controls conveniently located in one unit
  • Coating and polishing without electrode removal
  • Available as complete system that includes inverted microscope with parfocal optics or as a kit

Electrophysiologists polish patch pipettes because pipette pulling often leaves sharp surfaces that can damage delicate cell membranes. Coating of pipettes is often necessary with the excised patches or cell-attached configurations to reduce noise from pipette capacitance and dielectric loss1. Pressure polishing, a innovation in pipette processing, minimizes series resistance with small-tip pipettes to facilitate whole-cell recording of small cells2.

1 Hamill, O.P. et al. Improved patch clamp techniques for high-resolution recording from cells and cell free membrane patches. Pflugers Arch. 391, 85-100 (1981).

2 Goodman, M.B. & Lockery, S.R. Pressure polishing: a method for re-shaping patch pipettes during fire polishing. J. Neurosci. Methods. 100, 13-15 (2000).



Each CPM-2 includes the following:
• Air jet with heating element for curing silicone (CPM-HOTJET)
• Polishing filament (CPM-PTIR) with its own XYZ manipulator
• Control box with footswitch
The CPM-2w/scope includes everything in the CPM-2 kit as well as the KXD900 inverted microscope and XY stage manipulator (CPM-XY) for the pipette holder.

Most inverted microscopes can also be converted into a tip processing forge using the CPM-2 kit. To use the CPM-2 kit with your own microscope, you need a fixed stage, an X-Y stage manipulator for standard microscope slides, and low power (4x or 6x) and high power (20x to 40x) objectives. The high power objectives should be the long working distance type.

The pressure polishing option requires the PR-60, which allows for easy regulation of house or tank pressure, the CPM-PHold bracket and the IPH high pressure pipette holder.


Power Output : 27VDC / 2.5A

Controller Dimensions: 7.65″ W x 9.85″ L x 3.85″ D

Polishing Filament Material: Platinum / Iridium (90%/10%)

Polishing Filament Size: 0.25mm diameter

Polishing Filament Resistance: 4 Ohms

Minimum Input Pressure: 12 psi / 83 kPa

Maximum Input Pressure: 30 psi / 200 kPa

Power Input: 110-120/220-240VAC ~.5/.25A, 60/50Hz

Weight: 6 lbs. 0.2 oz.


CPM-2 Product Literature

 CPM-2 Product Manual


Part # Description
CPM-2w/scope Coater/Polisher Microforge includes controller, coating & polishing filament, footswitch, XYZ polishing manipulator, pipette holder manipulator, and inverted microscope.
CPM-2 Coater/Polisher Microforge Kit – for use with inverted microscopes – incl. controller, coating & polishing filaments, footswitch, & XYZ polishing manipulator, CPM XY needs to be ordered separately
KXD900 CPM Microscope, without stage
PR-60 60 psi High Pressure Regulator for use in the Pressure Polishing Method
CPM-HOTJET Replacement CPM-2 Hot Air Jet
CPM-Polishing CPM polishing manipulator with Z axis polisihing filament control
CPM-PPHOLD Bracket to hold injection holder for CPM-2 microscope for pressure polishing option
CPM-PTIR PtIr polishing filament – package of 3
CPMXY CPM-2 XY stage manipulator for pipette movement with pipette clip
CPM-Stage CPM stage assembly for use on KXD-900 microscope, includes CPM XY, CPM polishing and Hot Air Jet
IPH-THP Pressure electrode holder for use with pressure polishing technique